Oracle Database Installation – Key points

A Summary of key points to be noted in subsequent installations, following a successful installation:

Installation Part 1
Installation Part 2
Installation Part 3

  • For Database Installation on a Virtual Machine Disk, It is recommended to set the Virtual Disk type as dynamic for optimum disk usage.
  • Oracle recommends a minimum of 1G system memory. However, atleast 1.5G is necessary to have enough resource for both the Operating System processes as well as the Database processes.
  • A database installed on a system with insufficient memory or improperly specified SGA/PGA may cause errors at Startup such as ORA-27102: Out of Memory.
  • The system hostname by default is ‘localhost.localdomain’. This can be changed before installation, or by editing /etc/sysconfig. It is recommended to do this before the Database Installation so as to avoid complications.
  • fdisk can be used to partition disks, but not existing partitions or volumes. It fails with the following error message:

Re-reading the partition table failed with error 22:    invalid argument

  • In order to create a partition on an existing partition or volume, use pvcreate / lvcreate.
  • +DATA diskgroup should have a minimum of 4G space available, or the database cannot be created.
  • To check the status of various components from the ASM instance:

$ crs_stat -t

Note: The installation had been done for a single node cluster.

  • Additional unix packages can be downloaded from the internet and copied across. Unfortunately, it is not possible to update the OS as it is a host-only network.
  • To connect from a remote client, ensure that

– Firewall is Disabled on the server
– SELinux set to permissive
– Listener is running

$ lsnrctl status <listener>

  • For a remote client, the tnsnames.ora file must have an entry corresponding to the SSID, identical to that in the server
  • To check the connectivity from the client:

$ tnsping orcl


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2 Responses to Oracle Database Installation – Key points

  1. dba12 says:

    I head so many times about virtual memory… Means it’s hard disk?

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