Virtualization with Oracle VM Manager

An excellent description of virtualization and the Oracle VM Manager is presented in the Oracle VM Manager User’s Guide:

Virtualization is the ability to run multiple virtual machines on a single piece of hardware. The hardware runs software that enables you to install multiple operating systems capable of running simultaneously and independently, in their own secure environment, with minimal impact on performance. Each virtual machine has its own virtual CPU, network interfaces, storage, and operating system.

One of the many perks of virtualization is the amount of resources it saves for an enterprise – power, cooling costs, physical space and maintenance staff. A single server supporting Ten Virtual Machines is often easier to maintain and costs less resources than Ten different Real Machines.


Setting up the VM Manager is simple enough. Insert/mount the CD media to a server and run the installer.


Setting up the VM Server(s): On each machine, insert/mount the Oracle Virtual Server CD media and proceed with the installation.


Note: The IP address and the host-name can be set manually for ease of access.


Access OVM Browser Interface with the URL https://<host-name&gt;:7001/ovm/console


  • Create a server pool
  • Discover existing servers using their IP addresses and assign them to the pool
  • Create a shared Repository
  • Present the repository to the servers
  • Update servers using Serevr Update Management (YUM)
  • Add a select number of VNICS (Virtual Network Interface Cards) by specifying an IP range. Each one is identified by an IP address, which can later be assigned to virtual machines.
  • Create a bond port
  • Import existing VM templates*
  • Create Virtual Machine(s)
  • (Live) Migrate the VM to any other server if needed
  • Access the VM console and configure system and network settings

* An issue may be encountered at this stage, possibly due to a faulty template. To address issues with VM templates, locate the file titled ‘vm.cfg’ specific to the template on the NFS Share and modify the parameters as needed.



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