Oracle Enterprise Performance System 11 on Solaris – Installation and Configuration


1. Download the Installation packages from the Oracle Software Cloud and unzip into a single location.

2. Run

3. Specify the installation directories and proceed to select components to install. Foundation services is mandatory for any of the other components as a single, shared infrastructure.

More on Foundation Services here.

4. Confirm the selected components and proceed with the rest of the installation


While installation in this case is only so much as extracting the components from the packages, configuration is the part where the individual components are made ready to use.

1. Navigate to your MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/bin folder

2. Run

3. Configure selected components as required, notably

– Configure the email server and specify the host and an administrator email address

– Specify username/password to connect to a database

– Deploy all applications to a single managed server

– By default, the URL for the Browser Inferface would be – https://<hostname>:19000/interop

– Configure weblogic to manage application deployment. Port 9000 by default

Note: The Foundation Services must always be configured first, followed by the other components.

4. Verify the changes and ‘Finish’ the installation to make them permanent.


1. Navigate to MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/bin

2. Run to start all the services

3. Verify using ps -ef | grep oracle

4. Run to stop the services

5. To start weblogic, navigate to MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/../domain

6. Run

7. Once the ‘Running’ status is displayed, the weblogic interface can be accessed from the browser using the URL specified at configuration.


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